January 22nd, 2010


Devil's Tuning Fork

trippy little game I snagged today. Small, free download called Devil's Tuning Fork. It was made by a group of DePaul students assigned the "simple" task to create an original game in six months to compete in the Independent Games Festival.

It's short and the storyline is not fleshed out, but it's pretty nifty and a little creepy. I'd like to expand on it, myself, story-wise. Check it out.
Gaming Is A Way Of Life

Game, Back On Track

I've been slacking off a lot regarding the continuing story write-up of the biweekly Kult game, partly due to it being put on hold over the holidays. However, tomorrow puts us back to the regular schedule, which meant I needed to get off my ass and get the last session's story written down. Of course, being a month old it was a little hard to remember some of the details, but as i got going, it flowed nicely. So, for the few of you that have been keeping up, [info]urbanhunter has been updated.