February 9th, 2010



For one brief, shining moment last night, my brain decided it knew better than my common sense and figured it was perfectly OK to ignore basic principles of physics and thermodynamics. The end result of this was a seriously burned finger. Nothing earth-shattering, but FUCK did that hurt. It's just a dead patch, now, thankfully.

Yeah, I'm just a smooth operator.
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No Movie, Bah

So, I know a bunch of us were down for the movie this Thursday. I got a little weirded out when I checked the website and did not see the film listed. I called the theatre office and they do not have it on the schedule, but were curious as to why it was on the e-mail. I've now sent word to the theatre director asking what's going on, and if we can expect to see the film at a later date or what. Regardless, at this point, it seems that the Thursday film is now off, and not happ'nin'.

Damn. I was looking forward to that.

EDIT: Got my answer. Seems that there was a schedule change, and the film is playing elsewhere (Living Room Theaters, for the curious). Of course, that means instead of $6.50 to see it at the Hollywood, I'd have to pay $12 to see it there, and that is not gonna happen. Twice as much? I think not, I'll take that $12 to the Hollywood and get my movie, my popcorn, and my soda, and feel like I'm supporting something I care about.

If y'all go, let me know how it is.