February 20th, 2010

Gaming Is A Way Of Life

The Positive Impact Of D&D

Writers reminisce about Dungeons & Dragons

With the news that D&D publishers Wizards of the Coast intends to release a new edition of the introductory rule set - in a red box no less - Matt Staggs thought it might be fun to ask a few writers about their own early experiences with the world’s best known fantasy role-playing game. Nice to see the agreement that the creativity and mental exercise of gaming helped these people be the artists they are today. There's even a note from a professional educator about how this can help kids get out of passive entertainment and stretch their minds to see more than just what they are given.

Hell yes. Always feels good to know other people get it.

Oh, BTW: that note about WotC releasing a new edition of the introductory rule set? Don't get too happy about the 'red box' thing, my fellow eldergeeks. They ripped off the old look, but it's still 4th edition.
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Good Eatin'

Between tax money and getting paid and not having to pay on the debt any longer, Di and I decided we'd not had a date in way too long, and it was time to go out. Nothing amazing, just out for a good dinner. We opted to hit Little Italy's Trattoria, downtown, because it's the best damn Italian food around.

Man, it's been way too long. I remembered them being great, but they proved to me that they were better than amazing.

We started off with salads and antipasto. Di had spinach and feta-stuffed ravioli in a spicy marinara with a good Shiraz. I had some amazing fettuccine with roasted garlic, olive oil, green olives, tomatoes, pine nuts, and blue cheese, and a pretty damn good Pinot Gris. Di finished up with a lemon cheesecake slice, and I had what they called "Sconfitto della Cioccolata", or "Defeat by Chocolate": brownie-like on the outside, creamy chocolate filling (kinda like a soufflé), served with little sugar puffs for dipping. Holy cats, everything was incredible. Yes, I'm way over my limit for eating, but it was worth it.

Anyway, gonna go collapse on the couch in a food coma, now.