February 21st, 2010


Journal Change, On The Minor Side

OK, it's finally happened. For the first time since I started this journal, I've changed my default icon. I love the "City on Fire" pic, i really do. It's not only nifty, it's the first animated icon I made for myself, and has always been one of my favorites. However, I'm tired of hearing people remark on how it looks like Travis Tritt. Come on, I fucking hate country music, no way am I gonna like that association.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not the least bit upset with anyone who has said that. If something looks a certain way to you, that's just the way it is, and it's not like people I don't know would know my thoughts on C&W. I'm just tired of it. Besides, it's been, what, coming up on 9 years I've had this journal? It's about time for a change, doncha think?

So, yeah, the "Typing" icon from Orneryboy won the new top spot. Plenty of my icons I like, but I wanted the default to be a little bit more generic than most of the icons (so many of them only used for specific kinds of posts of emotions behind comments, etc.).
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Go Figure

Kirsten Dunst doesn't do anything for me.
Modern anime doesn't do anything for me.

With these two things in mind, I'm not sure why Kirsten Dunst dressed up in an anime outfit singing 'Turning Japanese' should be so sexy. I think it's some of the looks she gives the camera. It doesn't hurt that she has the same type of lips as Debbie Harry, who I always thought was hot.

NSFW due to anime boobies.

EDIT: Odd, the company involved seems to have removed the video. Link changed to a YouTube link; it's not as high-quality, but still good.