March 9th, 2010

Gun Monkey

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So, kinda looking like I don't have what Dianna was sick with, but may only be having serious allergy issues. This is good, but still sucks. Oh well, if this is the worst I have to deal with, I'm doing OK.

Ha, sure was odd to come downstairs this morning. Wasn't quite awake and, of course, all the furniture was moved. ;)

No More Ads In São Paulo

Dig it: São Paulo Scrubbed of Outdoor Ads. Under their new Clean City Law, outdoor advertising has been removed...all of it. 6It’s all part of mayor Gilberto Kassab’s quest to eliminate visual clutter, making the city itself the focal point rather than colorful, increasingly desperate marketing campaigns.

The accompanying pictures and short vid-clip are amazing to see. I'm ALL for this, and would love to see it enacted here, and, really, everywhere.
Monster Bear

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...and as long as I'm waiting for the WoW servers to finish the weekly maintenance, I took the opportunity to unpack the new tent and set it up, to get a feel for it. yeah, it's sweet. Now, to get a couple decent sleeping bags and arrange some camping in the foreseeable future...