March 12th, 2010

Burn The World

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Texas, you're embarrassing us again.

The Texas State Board of Education agreed to new social studies standards on Friday after the far-right faction wielded its power to shape the lessons that will be taught to millions of students on American history, the U.S. free enterprise system, religion and other topics.

As part of the new curriculum, the elected board rejected an attempt to ensure that children learn why the U.S. was founded on the principle of religious freedom. But, it agreed to strengthen nods to Christianity by adding references to "laws of nature and nature's God" to a section in U.S. history that requires students to explain major political ideas. They also agreed to strike the word "democratic" in references to the form of U.S. government, opting instead to call it a "constitutional republic." The board approved an amendment that deletes a requirement that sociology students "explain how institutional racism is evident in American society."

Go on, read more. It only gets worse. And remember, decisions by the board affect textbook content nationwide because Texas is one of publishers' biggest clients.
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