March 15th, 2010

Jet (Cowboy Bebop)


OK, I'm up. Have been for a bit, but I wanted to make sure I was good and awake. matrixleap should pick me up in a few, and we'll head out to "christ, I don't even know where I live anymore" Woodburn to help clear out his folks' storage unit and consolidate it in his old one, which they are taking over. Gotta get it done, since he's about to start work again, and I agreed to help, making it go faster and easier.

I've determined that I need to do more gaming. Of course, that means finding people that might be up for regular mid-week gaming, since timing and scheduling is an issue (Fridays are taken, half my Wed. nights, half my mid-day Saturdays, Sunday nights are out).
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Just got back. Cripes, long day full of hauling boxes, shifting shelves, schlepping stuff, and general manual labor. However, well worth it, as we got it all done, and Dusty's folks now have all their stuff in one storage unit with room to spare. Took all damn day, but that's just the way work goes.

See? I may not have a job, but don't ever let anyone tell you I don't work. ;)