March 16th, 2010

Cyborg Skull Display


Right, so, after the all-day moving spree, it was time to come home and relax. A quick shower, and I slumped into my chair, beat tired. However, plans changed and daemonwise came down to goof off, matrixleap joined in, which led to much hilarity and drinking and general good times.

As the evening passed, I ended up on the phone with babyinga, who is going through some seriously hard times. That kept me on the phone/camera until almost one in the morning, when her connection dropped. Now thoroughly dragging, i crawled into bed, only to awaken at 7:30am. I've managed to do mostly fine, but the body was definitely feeling the hit. I tried to get a nap in, but it seemed to not be in the cards until I managed to crash around 3.

Back awake and moving, just in time to eat and head downtown and meet up with daemonwise and a few others. No rest for the wicked!
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