March 22nd, 2010

Taking Notes

Weekend Update

This just in: Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

- All my games got canceled this weekend, due to various things, all understandable. In the end, this turned out to be a good idea, as dravengodvamp came into town. In the end, Di got more time to go enjoy KinkFest, and I got more time to hang out with my brother. So, yeah, a weekend full of booze, food, and whatnot. Met his new girlfriend, Kendall, who was very sweet. I hope this one works far, it seems a step above most of his ex's.

- A good chunk of today was spent doing all the things that I didn't do this weekend. OK, well, it wasn't that much, but there it is.

- My grill got a thorough cleaning recently, so tonight was definitely a long-overdue episode in outdoor cookery. Chicken Bruschetta, cheese quesadillas, noodles...damn, that was good eating. Why is it you guys never take me up on my "I'm cooking tonight" offers? You're missing some good grub.

- I did, however, tear a chunk out of my finger on the metal frame of the grill. Ouch, and ouch again.

- Right, I've put it off long enough. The big news: a co-worker of Di's long ago moved to the next town, but kept her house here as a rental. She recently complained about how she was having to evict her tenants for several reasons (yeah, they're a real class act). Di mentioned that we were looking for a house...well, we went on her lunch break and looked it over today, and yeah, we're gonna go for it. The 'hood is all old residential, so it's quiet and safe and off the main road. The landlord is someone Di's known for 13 years, so we're already on good terms there. She's only charging us slightly above her mortgage payment, and that extra goes into the bank to offset any repairs to the house (which she handles). Good sized fenced-in backyard, basement (with a bedroom, which Erik wants), garage, hot tub, 2 bedrooms upstairs, 1 bathroom. Square footage-wise, it's bigger, but some of that is basement. Hell, if she pays it off and wants to just sell it, she'll give us first go at it.

This may very well be the last move we ever make. Needless to say, we're pretty excited. Once the old tenants are out and the house cleaned, we'll get the go-ahead to move in. Y'all better be ready, because I'll be putting out the word for helping hands.