April 18th, 2010

Gaming Is A Way Of Life

My Little Gamer

Erik just impressed the Hell out of me.

Sunday evenings, I'm doing "AD&D 101", as it were, to give him a start at gaming. swanwhite, matrixleap and herince_emyn are playing, too, so it's a solid group, and he isn't treated like a kid at the table. Anyway, as they were exploring a dark elf outpost, Emmy's thief found a loose floorboard which opened to reveal a sack of coin and a vial that turned out to be a potion of invisibility. Everyone agreed that keeping the potion with them was a good idea. They turned to leave the room, and Erik pipes up with "Maybe we should check to make sure there aren't any invisible elves around here."

I was so proud. No one else made the connection, but the brand new gamer boy thought of it. Hell yes.
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