April 30th, 2010


Warcraft Badge-Whoring

We all know I'm a bit of an achievement whore. In my CoH days, I earned every badge I could possibly get my grubby hands on, even when I didn't care about the action. Why? *shrug* Just to say I'd done it, I guess. Not on every character, of course, just my main guy, but damn, he was solid on badges.

No surprise, then, that I'd do the same thing in WoW. Now that Warforge has hit 80, he's still plugging away on things. Yesterday, I earned my 'Crusader' title, which was pretty cool to finally get...but that's not the one that made me cheer out loud. A couple days ago, I got it in my head to do a little fishing...in Orgrimmar. Yes, I got the fever to catch Old Crafty.

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So, yeah. 6 hours of fishing in Orgrimmar (enemy capital city, I'm asking for it by being there at all!), 9 to 12 PvP deaths, all four of Romero's "Living Dead" films in the background, and one sore shoulder later...Warforge added "Old Crafty" to his achievement list.