May 21st, 2010

Cerebus (Fed Up)

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So, with the rain going, I can't do the yard today. With that set aside, there turns out to not be much to actually do at the house today, giving me the day off. Looks like we can start moving in anytime, so I suppose I'll take the opportunity this weekend to start moving stuff I can fit in the car.

Won't turn down help with that, BTW. ;)

Apparently, no matter how many plans I make for when this will all go down, they are going to be constantly changed. I was to move this weekend, then I wasn't., then I set next week, then that day started to shift, and now I'm back to moving this weekend. Can this all just be over so I can quit dealing with it, please?

Sex, Thought, Choice, Liberation

OK, you need a label to say who you fuck? Is there some reason we can't all just enjoy the physical activities of sex and intimacy with whomever we enjoy and be good at that? Does it really matter who that might be, or what gender they are compared to you, or what particular actions you enjoy with the partner of your choice?

Sakes alive, it's like, every day, I see some new niche term for sex, gender, or orientation...and all I can think is "do we need this?" just fuck who you want to fuck and both of you have fun (within the limits of consent, of course).

It'd be really great for the population to stop being hung up on this. For us to be able to just say "hey, you know what, I think you're attractive. I think it'd be a helluva lot of fun to roll in the hay (or wherever) with you" and just get a "yeah, that'd be fun" or "no, but thanks for asking" answer with neither party being angry, hurt, offended, wigged out, or whatever, still just as close as before, with the same (low) level of seriousness as "here, taste this", "can I borrow a smoke", "I'm going to the store, wanna go with?", or "join our team or basketball".

Fucking sexual hang-ups. Would be so much easier if we could all stop being so freaked out by it. I'd love to tell you all to try it, just once, and see how liberating it can be, but I doubt seriously that most people would or could...and those that would or could are probably going to tend to get a bad reaction. the few left over that would/could and would get a good reaction, well, most of them are asking an easy target (swinging clubs, significant other, etc).
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