June 8th, 2010

Scream (FMJ)


3 days in a row (or maybe I should say 'nights') of waking up at some gawdawful hour of the morning to find I managed to put down my book, bookmark in place and all, but didn't turn off the light or remove the pillows I have propping me up. This results in being in pain and not sleeping well. Apparently, I'm a real fuckin' winner.

A friend of ours is handing off her lawn-mowing to me, which is an extra few bucks in my pocket. Nearly 40 years old, and I'm mowing lawns for money. Yeah, that's a real pride-sweller, huh?

Sheesh. Why do I get out of bed? Oh, yeah, the pain.

On the good news front, I found someone willing to take the half-dozen giant bags of lawn clippings, so that means I don't have to pay the city to haul them.
Gun Monkey

Work and Work

The yard I'm now in a deal to cut turned out to be even smaller than I remembered, so it takes no time at all to mow. This is nice, as the job is over and done with in a jiffy. Good times. Meanwhile, that $40 a month pays for my Warcraft and pays down the one credit card we keep around, which got hit pretty good with the tires we had to get, etc.

On the job front: her office called and let her know that she was getting a severance package. We don't know how much, yet, but apparently, she's been there long enough that she gets it. Interesting, though, as that implies (and I'm betting the legal paperwork she has to sign specifies) that she isn't going to be considered for rehire. If so, that would seem to say this was not a lay-off, but I know how this place operates: it's a cheap and sneaky way to get around the law. Really, though, this is a good thing: it'll be a little more cash in our pockets, and it takes a load off of Di's mind. If they'd called and asked her back, she'd have taken it, as it's a job, but she'd have kept looking. She'd decided that she was done with these yabbos. This takes off the thought of having to go back, which was pretty nice.

Anyway, we got her final checks and the payout for her leftover vacation time, and that sets us up for a couple months. Meanwhile, she's hard at work looking for work. Plenty of resumes sent out already, and already had 2 scams contact her, so at least the resumes are being seen. ;)