June 16th, 2010

Fuck You - Hammer

Do You Believe This Shit?

So, after cleaning the Hell out of the old place and after being told TWICE not to to worry about the carpets, i got a letter on the mail today form the old property management. Not only did they charge us for house cleaning, they charged us for carpet cleaning...all told, eating up our deposit and leaving us owing THEM $13.

You betta b'lieve that I'm going in there tomorrow and raising 8 kinds of Hell about it.
Frank The Bunny (Countdown)

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An hour-long walk around my neighborhood let me vent my thoughts, and while I'm not all that pleased with the order, at least the thought process seems solid. Definitely confirms the changes I need to make. Just not any fun, but what can you do, huh? Sometimes, you do what has to be done.