August 20th, 2010


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A couple sixers, BBQ, a lot of laughs and goofing, and the feeling of reconnecting with a really old friend. Is there anything better? I doubt it. There's just something completely right about having a member of the old crew not only back around, but back so close. Good time,s damn good times.
Fuck You - Fingers

Well, FUCK.

So, we go out to get some breakfast, and Di gets a phone call. It's from her new employer (she starts Monday)...only, problem is, they had to make some cuts, and the person that left the position she was hired to fill had to go back to it, so Di doesn't have a job, after all.

So, yeah, after all the happiness and relaxation that her getting this job gave's back to Square Fuckin' One.

Keep your eyes open, willya? Let her know any leads. This sucks. A lot.