August 24th, 2010


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New headboard for the bed arrived today. The king-sized bed was fine, but it does end up slightly in front of the window, and that makes it hard for me to sit up and read in bed, which i tend to do. We had found a good deal on a simple but nice one, though,a nd I think this will help a lot. Plus, now I don't fear getting the curtains caught in my hands at night and pulling them down.

Libido Boost

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Chatting with armyofthree, we came to the conclusion that every time you masturbate or have sex (the dirtier, the better), you push some angry, religion-obsessed, ultra-conservative nut one step closer to an aneurysm. Thus, the best way to fight this wave of idiocy is with rampant boinking. I present the latest and best cause I can imagine:

Fight The Man, Fuck Like Mad

Won't you please help? Give generously, be active in your community.
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