August 26th, 2010


(no subject)

So, at some point this morning/mid-day, looks like I'm taking a run up to Timberline Lodge, as Flinn says it reminds him of an old Ravenloft game I ran, and I wanna see this. Besides, we'll be talking about new gaming situations, so that's always fun.


In other news, dragon_smoke and pale_elf took some vacation time and just happened to end up in my city, so we're due to meet for a beer and chat tonight, which should be fun.


Still prefer Livejournal to Facebook. FB is useful for the smallest of thoughts, but I would go nuts if I didn't have somewhere with some actual depth to it. One-liners are for comedians and comic strips. It is true, though, that I've used it to get back in touch with some VERY old friends, and that's a bonus. It's led to some oddities: when you've known someone by an online handle longer than by name (or maybe never knew their real name), it's a tad awkward trying to figure out who they are when they want to 'friend' you. This leads to, one day, seeing just the right picture and going ""Holy shit, THAT'S who you are!" and then feeling like a yutz for just accepting it for so long. On the other hand, this also leads to you playing along and playing along, looking for that moment, and discovering much later that it's not there at all, only to find it's someone's significant other.


I suppose I should go get dressed.