August 27th, 2010


Friday Pix

Another week, another edition of the Friday Pix. Just as a side note, if there were any you wanted to snag from the last few weeks, please do, as I'll be cleaning out the online folder soon.

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Dark Baby


So, Flinn picked me up around noon, and off we sped. The original plan had been to run up to Mount Hood and hit Timberline Lodge, but the weather made us a little leery of snow conditions up there. Change of plans: let's head east and see Stonehenge!

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We headed a bit further up the road to the little nowhere town of Goldendale, because there was supposed to be a pizza joint there that looked good. After a bit of looking around, though, we gave up (later research shows that it is closed). Stopped off at "Hometown Pizza", though. OK, first off, the place was deserted. The tables were those long folding tables you see in schools and churches. Even though there was no one else there, they hadn't cleaned the tables (we sat at the only clean booth). We laughed at the "Wall of Fame" and "Wall of Shame" for what they called the 'Big Dog Challenge', which apparently is finishing one of their largest pizzas alone. No one was on the Fame wall. The food wasn't bad, though, and we rolled for home.

I came inside, passed a few words with Dianna, and headed back out to meet up with dragon_smoke and pale_elf, who were in town for a vacation. Some people, you meet and you kinda feel each other out, but others you just click with. This was definitely the latter. OK, we've known each other through LJ for a while, which helped, but still, just was good times. Time flew by, and we had a blast just chatting and goofing around.

*Hey, I've been out all day in the wind, I look like shit, deal with it*

Got home, got comfy, and spent the next 3.5 hours on IM with armyofthree. Damn good times, all around
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You may recall my mentioning "Rib-Off". Well, herince_emyn uploaded the vid she put together from that day, so join in the meaty goodness and see what you're missing (and be subjected to my ugly mug).

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