November 16th, 2010


When You Wish Upon A Star

Last night, I did something that I never do and which I'd normally feel goofy even mentioning. I went for a long walk (shut up, I do that plenty), and decided to take the dog with me. She goes out to do her business, but they never take her around. Anyway, it was a cold, clear night, and I was out in it, just walking, listening to music and having a good time with the pup. At one point, I looked up to be greeted by a half-moon and a single star, bright and proud against the night sky.

Now, I don't care who you are, everyone knows the rhyme, and if you only see one star in the sky, you hear it in your mind. I laughed to myself, thinking that there are things I'd wish for, sure...and decided, oh what the Hell. I was in a good mood, so I repeated the words that every kid knows, and I wished. I wished hard with all my heart. I laughed as I did it, and I felt a bit like a fool, but I did it and I meant it.

As the last words came out of my mind, my phone went off. My wish was granted.

I was ecstatic, overwhelmed. I stared at the sky, and gave one of the most earnest thank-you's I've ever uttered. Still, there were things to consider, plans to make, logistics to plan. This morning, wired and awake, I took a very, very long shot and asked for help to make it happen.

Looks like it was granted again.

Once details are hammered out, I'll talk about it. Right now, there are too many ephemeral parts to the whole, but it looks damn good. For now, be happy for me and, if you have any belief in wishing, wish for me.
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