May 12th, 2011



Out on the bike. Man, what a difference adjusting the seat and pumping the tires makes. 5.13 miles, and feeling good. Incidentally, the bike I have access to is actually a trike, which is weird to ride until you get the hang on it. You'd think it was easier, and in some ways, it is. On the other hand, cornering is bizarre; you can't lean into it, etc.

Did a little more gardening, as well. Jessica and Miss Kathryn got two large petunia pots Sunday, and they really were overgrowing their pots. I transplanted them to the front flower beds, and they should do just fine. Dug up that stump of pipe from the backyard, as well. It used to be the base for a clothes-drying rack, but that rack is long gone, and I was tired of mowing around it. Now, no issue!