May 29th, 2011

Glow Skull


The weekend continues. Same ol' same ol', really: yard work; grilled up sausages, peppers, and asparagus; various runs to the store; Jessica's headache is better but not gone (stupid fuckin' med withdrawals, this cannot be over with fast enough); cleaning. Been watching The West Wing, and just started season 3.

I had an odd moment Friday that turned into a long, introspective process. Just a sudden realization that explained a lot, but which is bothering me. My apologies for being vague, but it's something that, when voiced out loud, sounds so stupid and cliché that I dislike admitting it, but it nevertheless seems to be true; let's just say it's one of those whiny-sounding things that people say when they go to therapy. Anyway, once it hit me, it's been eating at me a little, but it does make other things make a lot more sense. Just dealing with the implications, now. Whatever, I'll get over it like I always do.

I need to game. And I need to make a certain post. And I need this shit to get out of her system so her headache will get better, because I'm tired of not seeing her.