May 31st, 2011

Scream (FMJ)

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So, I'm gonna mostly stay off my machine for a couple days. Things aren't dead, really, but I just don't trust that PSU any more. It would probably hold out, but I don't wanna take that chance.

I think I'm gonna pick up a Corsair TX650 in the next couple days. We had some money put aside, so i can get it, no biggie. I hate Best Buy, but I looked up their site and it seemed to imply I could go get it, in-store, right down the street, right now. Well, wandering around the place and then standing there for 15 minutes looking at the pitiful selection of PSUs they had got me nowhere, and eventually, after snarking on the employees, I was told that they did not, in fact have it, but I could order it. Thanks for the sour persimmons, Jack. I'll look and see if I can find a better price on it, and order it. Just means I won't have it NOW, which is what I wanted.

Meantime, I can get to most of what I would do on Jessica's machine. Hell, I could even play Warcraft, but I'd have to set it all up the way I had it, and it's not worth it for just a few days. No big deal, really. I'll catch up on more of The West Wing.

Really, I think it's bugging me for more than the usual reason. Yes, it's my connection to the outside world, and I get twitchy when it has issues. More than that, though, when I left the West Coast, I only took my clothes and my computer. In a sense, it's all I have, so for it to give me problems sucks. I'm over-dramatizing it, probably, but still, it sucks.