September 7th, 2011

Gun Monkey

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New vidcard should be here Friday. so we'll just hope that it fixes everything. meanwhile, life goes on.

- Got Jessica the neurologist's appt. today. More forward steps to finding out what's going on with the head pains.
- Should see the psych nurse in 2 weeks, hopefully will get the ball rolling on the Medicaid angle, which would take a lot of the financial burden off.
- When she starts back to school, it's imperative that I find some kind of work. Can't go on like this, it's just driving me crazy.
- We've passed the 2-month mark of sobriety, and things continue to be stronger and better. Making walking a habit, too, and that will help both with moods and body issues, for both of us. Present walk is about 3.5 miles, slowly increasing.


Unrelated to that, I'm tired. We got to bed later than we planned, got up after an hour or so and...made the most of the time, were up and down all night, and then got up early, so she's off to nap...and I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. Maybe a little catnap wouldn't hurt me, either.


daemonwise, matrixleap, caliban: Trying to get things underway in the next few days, computer issues willing.