September 9th, 2011

Eye Heart The Residents

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OK, right. New vidcard is installed and humming along. Fired up WoW....smooth and perfect. Tried fullscreen videos...not so much as a hiccup. Added bonus: the fan speed-up that I heard when I fired up my machine that I always assumed was the power supply? It appears it was that card, since powering on now is downright silent.

It would appear that I'm back in action. A happy-check deposited in the Bank of Frank. other news, we saw the neurologist today. after an initial examination, he believes it's migraine-related and not neural damage, which is good to hear. We're trying a new me course, and gonna see what it does. interesting that he expressed disappointment at Jessica's GP giving her narcotics, saying that they'd not work and only make things worse...which is exactly what happened. A couple other points like that were brought up, and it really reinforced our thoughts that her present GP doesn't know what she's doing outside of simple sickness and bone breaks.

Anyway, it may be a couple days before we get much in the way of results, but we can hope. In the meantime, my system is back to fighting trim, the Netbook connects fine, and I'm trying to watch my eating habits and have started seeing small results. When we get Jessica's pain under control, we can get to walking properly, too; we'd started up again, but the pain is just too much.

All in all, it's not a bad day. Now, to go get the yard cut...