November 25th, 2011

Worship Chaos

Here and There

For all the frustrations and things that have been difficult, I'm thankful and glad that I'm here with my lady. Are there things I wish were different? Are there things that I am not as happy about? Sure. However, those are not problems between us, those are issues we face together, and that makes all the difference. I'm a happy guy, and we're happy together.

Yesterday, I really, really missed my friends. Last year, I had just arrived here when this holiday season came around, so while I missed my crew, I was also excited about my travels and changes. This year, seeing them all gather for T'giving again, it brought it home pretty hard. There's something a little sad about knowing that things go on without you. Anyway, this isn't a plea for attention or sympathy, just saying that I miss you guys (Mike, Dusty, Andy, Niev, Sarah, Bruce, Sara, Jasso, Tara, Lacey, Kat, John, Veira, Alanna, plus all others who I saw less or had only recently met before I left but who are still damn cool...the list goes on and on).
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Friday Pix

Another Thanksgiving down, another Black Friday to show the greed and foolishness of Man. Take a few minutes, relax, and enjoy the Friday Pix!

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