December 19th, 2011


Dictatorial Death

Kim Jong Il, the dictator who used fear and isolation to maintain power in North Korea and his nuclear weapons to menace his neighbors and threaten the U.S., has died, North Korean state television reported early Monday. Mr. Kim, who was 69 or 70 years old, according to varying accounts, died during a train ride on Saturday, a weeping television announcer said. He was believed to have been in ill health since suffering a stroke in 2008, and North Korean media said he experienced an "advanced acute myorcardial infarction," or heart attack.

His death opens a new and potentially dangerous period of transition and instability for North Korea and northeast Asia. Mr. Kim in September 2010 tapped the youngest of his three sons, Kim Jong Eun, to succeed him, and North Korean state television on Monday said the younger Mr. Kim will lead the country. I guess we wait and see what happens now.

Work / Play

Jessica started her new internship today. I heard form her at lunch, and she says that the place is much nicer than the shit-holes she was assigned to last time, the people are both friendlier and more professional, and she's actually learning the things she's supposed to learn, so we have high hopes. Good to hear her happy about it, that last brouhaha they sent her on was the pits.

In other news, my Roku player showed up today, well ahead of schedule, and it's just damn nifty. Well worth the small amount I paid and, man, is it nice to stream my Netflix instant queue to my new badass TV. I'm-a get comfy on the couch, now.