February 12th, 2012


(no subject)

Amazing how one small, innocent thing can make you feel just how cut off you are from people that were friends. Makes you realize you weren't the kind of friends you might have thought. This is not a terrible thing, just drives the point home. I'm not mad at the slight, as it was done without malice or intent, in my opinion. Just really made me go "huh, yeah, I guess that's how it is." I take my part of the responsibility for it, too; I'm not the best at keeping up with people, and I can't expect people to just consider me any kind of real friend when I don't go out of my way to contact them. Note that this make me appreciate those that DO still consider me a close friend, as it shows what i mean to them, and why what they mean to me what they do.

Anyway, that's how it goes.