March 16th, 2012

LJ Addict

Livejournal, Release 90

So, for those of you that don't have news on your friends page (and really, you should), here the short and skinny:

- You can now make a "sticky post" so that it always shows up on top of your journal. No more having to vastly forward-date!
- You can now schedule posts to go at a predetermined time
- You can use the <lj-spoiler> / </lj-spoiler> tags to hide "spoiler" text, when making posts about movies, games, and whatnot.
- Image placeholders can now be used in comments, just like they were in posts.
- LJ's homepage will feature the "top 10" communities.
- Several bugs were fixed.
- Games (what few there were) are going away.
- "Writer's Block" is going away.

Sticky Post is nice. I can change that top post on my journal so it doesn't say 2025 anymore. Top 10, I'd rather see some lesser ones spotlighted so they can find their way to people that don't know about them, instead of just generating more traffic for "Oh No They Didn't" (besides which, who actually goes to the homepage?). Never used the games, but I'm all for anything that stops us trying to be Facebook.

Full posts can be found here.

If You Are Just Tuning In...

This journal is mostly public, because most of the time I don't give a damn who sees it. Very occasionally, I might post to "friends only" to avoid drama, or to a select group of close friends, but for the most part my life is an open book. Friend me if you want, I'll probably friend you back. I may or may not read you in return, but it's nothing personal.