April 24th, 2012

Cyborg Skull Display


Discovered that I've been wrong about something for quite a while. I was always under the impression that WinXP would only recognize 2GB of RAM. This is not correct, it'll handle up to 4GB.


Seeing as how some of the newest content in CoH makes me choke and run out of memory from time to time, and seeing as how numerauko's old machine is just sitting here unused with 4 1GB sticks in it, guess who has 2 thumbs and whose machine just got an extra 2GB of memory?

This Guy.

In other news, I still need to hook up said old machine as a file server/2nd account mule, one of these days.

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First coat of paint on the front porch. Perfect day: calm, clear, not too hot. Knocked it out in no time flat. Weather looks like it won't let me do a second coat until the weekend, though. C'est la guerre.

My folks would never believe it, but i love this kind of thing.