May 5th, 2012

Rock - Axel


Went this morning to meet with the assistant manager, more as a courtesy than anything else. Short version is that it all went swimmingly, and I started the paperwork for the new job. Orientation is on the 15th, so as of a week and a half from now, I'm a working man again.

Woot, indeed.

Now, some of you may have noticed that I have been very tight-lipped about where these jobs have been. You have to understand, Newport News is a small town and most of the work is either at one of the colleges or at the shipyards. I do not have the qualifications to work at either, and what's left over tends to get snapped up by the multitude of college students. This slowed down my job search considerably.

Job 1 was at Wal-Mart, and that should explain everything you need to hear about why I didn't say it. Not exactly the most prestigious place to work. I didn't want the job, the pay was crap, and it was only part-time. Sure, it was better than not working, and I'd have done it if I had to, but i really didn't want to.

Job 2, or The New Job That I Start Shortly, is as a Customer Service Advisor at Jiffy-Lube. Again, maybe not the most glamorous place to work, but a load better than Wally World. It's in a field that I have a ton of experience doing (customer service), and it's a place I can learn some things I've always wanted to know more about (automotive). The location I ended up at is in need of someone with good skills like mine, and as such, I was exactly what they needed. Added bonus, they are right down the street. Again, not the greatest pay, but a helluva lot more opportunity to move up the ladder than at Wm's garden center. Plus, who knows, maybe I can use this as a chance to transfer back to the West Coast some day.

Anyway, go me.