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Looks like I'll be doing more tech work for the yuppies next door to Rose and Ray this coming weekend. Not looking forward to it, as usual, but it's usually money in the bank. This time, I don't think I can fix it, though, but we'll see.


Caught up with 01flux tonight for the first time in years. Always cool to re-establish friendships.


If all went according to plan, androgenie's CD went out in today's mail. Yeah, the one that I said I'd make back in December. Slacker = me.


Fired up PhotoShop to do actual art today for the first time in months (as in, not just correcting pix or doing a small bit of composition). not that this is anything big, but it takes more work than anything else I've done. Guess that's something else that I've put aside. Just don't have the inspiration, the drive, or the desire for the art.


I've come to the conclusion that I need to stop thinking about life when I go to bed. It just depresses me.
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