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Friday Pix

Feeling caught up in things? Caged by your environment? Need a smile to set you free? Then I humbly submit the Friday Pix!

Well, that makes me feel better...

Nifty paint job


If only they could open the window...

Well, it was worth a shot, but maybe you need a mechanic.

Hmm, I never thought "Y'know, a shoe would make a great pet..."

Desperately trying to bring some smiles to a dreary time

The wife of Grizzly Adams, perhaps?

Forbidden love

I'm curious as to exactly which exercise this is.

The UN mediator stands proudly between the Mayors of Sausageville and Pretzel Town at the Snack Summit, in Geneva.

Aw, man, I shouldn't have had that ninth seal..."

You'd think these two would get together and trade.

"I'm sorry, you cannot enter the club until you are old enough."

Valentine's steak?

....things happened.

Hey, getting it on you is just saving some for later, right?

Ninja penguin

Cupcakes have brought many a rivalry to a temporary standstill.

Rockin' out

Hang on tight!

That's all for this week. Here's hopin' it made you smile...have a great weekend!

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