God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Technical Difficulties, Please Stand By

Quick trip down to Casa de Doom tonight, to deliver some anime...ok, be honest, hentai...that typsie wanted me to find. I burned them to DVD, but discovered something annoying. The subtitles (which are already in the video files) are right at the bottom edge of the videos. This results in them being cut off, when viewed on a TV. On a computer monitor, no problem, but the picture clips on a television.

I'd hoped that their digital TV wouldn't have this problem, being newer then mine, but, sadly, no dice. We played with the TV settings to no avail. Luckily, in this case, this is less because the story was interesting and more for the "what-the-hell"-ness of hentai, but still, it annoys me. Sadly, i have neither the equipment nor the skills to modify the video files, so they're just gonna have to be that way. Tomorrow, I try to find more, hopefully ones whose subtitles are placed better.

In other news, Dianna turned in early tonight with stomach issues, so I might get a little late-night CoH in. Things with Erik are swimming right along. He's doing much better in school (a few bumpy spots, but seems to be doing well, overall). Also, he seems comfortable enough with us to talk about how things aren't as fun or good at his Dad's place, which, I'll admit, just tickles me pink. He and I talk more about stuff, whether important or not, and I'm hoping that continues to keep our relationship solid. I've also made sure that he understands that I can't and won't say how things should be at his Dad's house, but that I will advise him on a way to make things better...if he asks me to do so. Of course, I'll still give my opinion on whatever he tells me, but that's separate. So far, this also seems to be working well, and that's a bonus. Funny, I said this was how it would end up being, years ago...it's fun to be right.

Making ribs again, soon. Gonna try a new sauce recipe and "force" (ha!) some friends to taste-test. I have a feeling the sauce will be fabulous, just gotta not overcook the ribs like I did at the Rib-Off.

As for me? Same ol' same ol'. Just keepin' on keepin' on, and other repetitive phrases. Gotta run now, I have a needy kitty begging for attention.
Tags: dianna, erik, food porn, technical

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