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Well, time change meant I technically woke up an hour later than I would have, by the clock, anyway. Luckily, this is no biggie.

- One of my main pic-gathering sites seems to be down, completely. Hopefully, this is only temporary.
- Heading into my laundry room/downstairs bathroom to take the morning crap, I discovered that the cabinet on the wall was left open, resulting in me coming around the door and knocking my forehead into the edge of the door. Thankfully, it only hurt, didn';t leave a mark or anything. Also thankfully, I managed to not shit myself.
- Snagging Dianna's little MP3 player should help the waling go even better, so I suppose I should plug it in and swap out her girly music for my own brand of metal and oddity.
- Very disappointed in someone, worried about someone else, and wishing I'd hear from a third. Chances of any of these situations being resolved today is slim to nil...and I hate that. I prefer to resolve situations so they don't just ferment and rot.
- Couple small projects I need to get cracking on (a travel plan and a map, unrelated to each other)

Happy Monday!
Tags: internet, pain, projects, relationships, walking

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