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More On 'The Pope And AIDS'

OK, so, final word: he did speak out on the issue, saying that condoms were not the answer to the epidemic of AIDS in Africa (and indeed, the world), but rather abstinence. He stated that, in his opinion, condoms did not help the issue, but rather made it worse, apparently clinging to the idea that giving out condoms makes people more likely to fuck. The pope said a responsible and moral attitude toward sex would help fight the disease.

Now, seems to me that a "responsible attitude" toward sex would include all angles, accepting the fact that humans screw, it's part of what we do, and that whether or not certain religious types like it or not, it is fun. Yes, not fucking at all will certainly do quite a number on the spread, but it won't stop it, since there are other ways it can be transmitted...and hey, even sex for procreation can spread it. Why not take a ever-so-slightly more modern and enlightened attitude and add condoms to the list of ways to help the situation? That's much more responsible, to me, then pedantically holding to religious dogma at all costs. Apparently, The UN AIDS Agency agrees with me on this.

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