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Well, Anyway...

OK, so i didn't even turn on the computer last night...but that's OK. New blade came, so had to drool over it, and bought The One and Soul Survivors on DVD (reviews below). Besides, didn't sleep for a while, coming up with ideas, so possibly some work tonight? And tomorrow's the macromedia seminar (no work for me!), so that's a plus. A long week, but a good one.

The One: Jet Li. Action Flick. Thin plot, but who cares? Beautiful stunts, well-done effects, and an incredible soundtrack make for an adrenaline fest. Yes, the plot is weak, and the acting is a little weak...but it doesn't matter. It rocked.

Soul Survivors: Hmmm. OK, you all know I like 'bad' movies, right? THAT'S why I liked this. However, I admit, it's not a good film. First off, the plot is a teen rip-off of Jacob's Ladder. Wes Bently ("Matt"), I'm thoroughly certain, is either a Disney animatronic or made entirely of wood. I waited at least half th emovie for a facial expression, and more for him to ever BLINK. Casey Affleck ("Sean") sounds like he has a sore throat. Living proof that just because your big brothr can act, doesn't mean you can. Eliza Dushku was pretty cute in the 'gothy dead grrrl' makeup, but a little TOO bitchy at times. The main saving grace of the flick was Angela Featherstone. Light eyes, long tongue, very sexy (*thoughts just slid back to my baby for a minute there...:)*), she gave a nice tinge of evil. Now, I'm picking it apart, but it had it's moments, fer sher. The club they go to is GREAT. Some pretty camera work, good music, and some well-choreographed scenes made it worth watching anyway, even if the ending took a second's thought to make sense of. Still, I liked it...but that's me. I'm not sure I'd recommend it to most people. Take it as you will.

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