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Been kind of a crazy week.

- Wed: discordian showed up, and damn, was that a kick. Like I said, it's been about 8 years, and though we keep up 9in our own way), it was too damn cool to be in the same room again. No surprise, we slipped right back into our old ways, and it felt great. I think the only way it could have improved would be if we'd been gaming. Made some ass-kickin' ribs and tater salad, to boot.
- Thurs: More time with Isaac. It'll probably be another near-decade, so get what we can, right? Spent a lot of the day discussing logistics for a project that will hopefully work out. syrinakintari, make sure he gets hold of you.
- Fri: time to go diving into the new content issue of CoH, since it hit the servers Wednesday but I was obviously occupied. Discover some really annoying bugs (no surprise), poke into the new stuff. Opted to wait on anything deep until I'd worked most of the new badges out of it and learned a little more. Game that night...wow. 3 hours of real time gaming for about 20 minutes of game time, but what a 20 minutes. 2 character deaths, sheer chaos, and a bunch of fear for the next leg.
- Sat: morning villain run, start another Strike Force (which we're tearing up nicely). An easy afternoon, then Dianna headed to her Bad Girls meeting and daemonwise came over to hang out and make his new character. Good times.
- Sun: head over to Casa de Doom for 'Super Star Wars Sunday', which would have been all 6 movies, plus the Ewok flicks, plus maybe even the Holiday Special. Showed up in the middle of Part 1 (no loss), Part 2's disc was shot and would not work. Tried cleaning, no good, so while it was returned and hopefully fixed, watched part of the Holiday Special. Happily turned it off when the disc came back, still fucked up. Opted to skip it and see Part 3, and had to leave in the middle of it to go get Erik...so, yes, I still haven't actually seen parts 2 and 3. Still, good times hanging out and goofing off with good friends, and that's the best part anyway.
- Mon: back to normal. standard household stuff to do. C'est la guerre.
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