God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Went on a small mid-70's torrent spree last night. Grabbed a couple goofy old porn flicks and some Italian horror, because that's how I roll. Things were smooth, so left it running and went to bed. This morning, all but one were done. About halfway through it, my connection died. OK, no sweat, reboot the router...nothing. Couple more tries, nothing. Hmm...check Dianna's machine, works fine.

So, yeah, first wave of racing heartbeats kicked in.

Scan the machine, try everything, nothing works...until I recall the Fundamental Law of Windows: Reboot It. Which, of course, makes it all work fine. OK, leave it alone for a bit, come back later, start getting the other half of the movie. Nearing the end, I go to check my e-mail...Chrome will not come up. No response. Firefox works OK, but Chrome acts like it's missing.

Wave two of racing heartbeats is inserted here.

Program files are all there, registry entries are all there, but nothing works. Try to re-install...nothing. Remove old installation then re-install...everything's fine again.

Y'know, I'm already in a rough mood today, and I didn't need this. *sigh*
Tags: computer, stress

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