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Morning Goofiness

Some mornings, I think the only way I get through it is by random chat insanity with daemonwise...

archmage: HOLY CRAP
daemonwise: ?
archmage: the guy I just fought on MyBrute has a fucking BEAR.
archmage: man, I'd love to see a list of all the things you could possibly get, but it doesn't seem to exist anywhere.
archmage: that's nifty, in that it's a surprise, but, damn.
daemonwise: at first i thought you meant, ya know, a real bear
archmage: Ha!
archmage: OK, I'm not THAT hardcore.
archmage: oh, wait, I see...no, not a real bear.
daemonwise: i dunno. i think you could take a bear.
archmage: well, a small one, maybe.
archmage: I think I could take a small one.
archmage: slightly larger, if I get a weapon.
daemonwise: let's see. you have a spoon (because it'll hurt more), aaaaaaaand...
daemonwise: (drumroll while i try to come up with something funny)
archmage: *buddabuddabuddabudda
daemonwise: a midget cannon.
archmage: *ka-ching!
archmage: Oh, I can take on a big bear with those.
archmage: wait, do you mean a small cannon, or a cannon that shoots midgets?
daemonwise: i haven't decided yet.
archmage: I think the size of bear I could handle would go up, if I can launch midgets at it.
daemonwise: yes, but you also have to worry about keeping your ammo corralled. they're wild midgets.
daemonwise: free-range.
archmage: I can keep them calm with ice cream. After all, I have a spoon.
daemonwise: LOL
daemonwise: i give up, you win.
archmage: Woo!
archmage: Score one for me!
archmage: the day is mine!
daemonwise: i really didn't think you'd be able to top 'free-range midgets.'
daemonwise: congratulations to you, sir.
archmage: Well, the spoon was your undoing.
daemonwise: as it so often is.

And join me for simple, silly, no-way-to-really-lose fun at MyBrute!
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