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Friday Pix

Been kind of a slow week, but fear not. It's time for the Friday Pix!

Hmm, gonna have to give that candy a miss.

Alien teapot

This is probably not how Grandma wanted this to go.

That's kinda creepy.

Hmm. Metaphysical meaning?

Well, I guess you wanted to show the important things in your life: your wife, your child, your dog, your bright pink assault rifle, and your newly remodeled bathroom.

False advertising

Redneck riding mower

Well, this is definitely a 10 on the "what the Hell?" scale.

I don't think you're doing the 'furry' thing right.

"Body of Christ", indeed...it's a brand new secret!

OK, another person proud of his gun, his cat, and his...uh, gourds.

It's a real fixer-upper!

Attack of the Eighties Hair!

Looks like Rover had one too many last night.

Well, if it isn't gonna fit on the board, you have to improvise.

"Is the coast clear?"

Creative plumbing


I'll just have a soda, thanks.

Hunchcat of Notre Dame

Hope it brought you a smile. Have a great weekend and a good week beyond. Ciao!

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