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Friday Pix

Another week has come and gone, considerably more quiet than the last one. Dianna is working on making the pattern for the Cthulhu Ski mask, so it'll go up for sale soon...in the meantime, here's the Friday Pix!

"Calm down, kid."

Pigeon campfire

I think the word you want is "honoring"...

This is why you don't feed the animals.

C'mon, seriously?

Zombies want kibble

Baby elephant wants to prove he's better than your boyfriend.

Meerkat campfire

Bad choice of parking spot

OK, this trend of carrying around tiny Chihuahuas has gotta stop.


"Don't worry, Sparky the WatchRooster is on the job."

Military funding is kinda low for these guys.

Melanin spectrum

Oh, poor Pooh, that can't feel good. Or, I dunno, maybe he's into that, he is smiling a lot...

Wait, how...?

Well, it wasn't in the safari brochure, but there's some things that you just can't stop easily.

315?!? Damn!


Way to pay attention to detail, there, guys.

It was touch and go for a while, but in the end, the pets learned to get along and became the closest of friends.

Third World Wiring

Speaking of low military funding...

And another week comes to a close. Hope your weekend is fabulous and the week beyond tolerable. And if it isn't...well, I hope you get muffins.

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