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Good times last night, hanging out with matrixleap, saofoir, praenomenal, and bellybalt. Kind of a comedy of errors to get there, though...Dusty calls me to see if I want to join him in getting daemonwise out of the house (since typsie was at a concert). I decline, as I'll have Jen over for tonight's game. Discover later that Jen canceled, so end up down at Casa de Doom, anyway. Don joins us, then it turns out, Mike has plans with katlyn. Tara and Lacey join and off we go.

Originally, it was gonna be grub and a flick, but we couldn't decide on food. Walked over to Pizza Fino, laughed a lot, walked back. By the time we actually got around to checking movies, it was getting late and nothing sounded good. Plan changed to "go get ice cream"...but the lateness of the hour meant that both Ben and Jerry's and Coldstone were both closing. 'Fuck it,' we declared, 'we'll hit the grocery and just buy ice cream.' Hung around the Casa's front room, passing around tubs of ice cream until Kat showed up, just grooving on the time together.

Good times, my friends, I needed that.
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