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Do It Yourself

Xmas of '92, my girlfriend, Susan, gave me an excellent gift of 4 movie posters which had been dry-mounted and framed: Akira, Blade Runner, Casablanca, and a European-only poster of Silence of the Lambs. OK, true, I was living in the dorms at the time, and thus, had nowhere to really put them, but it was still damn cool. It's not hard to imagine, though, that after 16 years of moving around, the glass in them has cracked pretty badly (except for Blade Runner, oddly enough; I've always TRIED to be careful with them). I've talked about just taking them out of the frames, but the screws that held them on were always too tight, and I could not budge them.

Recently, I decided it was time to just break down and take them to a frame shop, where I assumed they'd have better tools for this sort of job. I tried to hit one locally, but it was closed that day, so I left them in the car and asked Dianna to check one close to her office, when she got a chance. Eventually, she had time to spare, and asked them if they could do so, and was told sure, they could, for twelve bucks a piece. Didn't even look at them, didn't want to look at them.

$50 for what amounts to taking out 16 screws. As I told Di, "My response to that rhymes with 'cluck bat'." I wish I'd been there, to see if they quoted that price with a straight face. Again, keep in mind that we aren't talking about a framing job. I don't care how the frames ended up, or the glass, I just want these things out of them frames. No real work involved for them, and not more than a few minutes, I'd think.

So, Saturday, I ran up to the local place, armed with a certain trepidation for an inflated price. This place not only didn't want to see, they claimed they couldn't do it at all. I asked if they did, indeed, have a power drill or similar item they used to put the screws in and they confirmed this, but claimed that if I couldn't get the screws out by hand, they wouldn't be able to do it either. I tried to be nice about it, but I laughed and made a flippant comment as I walked out.

Today, my adrenaline got the best of me, and I laid one out on my kitchen table. Armed with my trusty interchangeable-head magnetic screwdriver, a claw hammer, and a mad-on to do it my damned self, I attacked those frames. I guess all I needed was to be annoyed enough, because within ten or fifteen minutes, I'd dismantled all four frames. Another 5 minutes of walking huge pieces of glass and frame parts out to the dumpster, and I was done. All by hand, which should NOT have ever been an issue before, and certainly should not have kept two different, unrelated frame companies from making a few dollars and promoting good customer service.

See, this is why I like DIY. If I can do it myself, I'd rather do it myself.
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