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07 June 2009 @ 08:58 am
Morning IM Villainy  
daemonwise: Ach, what I wouldn't do for a beer right now. Whiskey'll have to do, I guess.
archmage: How is it that I have beer in the house and you don't? That's just wrong.
daemonwise: I hate you.
archmage: Well, as long as someone thinks about me.
daemonwise: Always, good sir.
daemonwise: How goes your morning, thus far?
archmage: I have Pepper Jack Cheese-Its. I'm doing fine.
archmage: Whoo, that's me, Mr. Exciting.
daemonwise: Now I really hate you.
daemonwise: Cheez-Its are my kryptonite.
archmage: Apparently, I'm the Lex Luthor of IM. Ha, and they said I'd never amount to anything...
Current Music: Bionic Jive - Ricochet
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