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So, daemonwise got hold of me a few days ago, and said that he was going this weekend to get some ink done. I know he's been planning this for a long time. One of them is the Shel Silverstein poem on his profile, and I played around with redrawing the gold leaf and doing some layouts. Now, I can barely draw a straight line if I use a ruler, so I wasn't too happy with the way they came out, but I think they're good enough to give his artist an idea what he wants.

The other one is a rune, and what he gave me was this:

That's full-size, blown up, if it wasn't obvious. I made a larger version and cleaned it up, and that was gonna be just about that, but we talked about a "painted" version, so I dove back into Photoshop. Like I said, I can't draw, but I think I can do some nifty stuff with my old copy of PS...

Click for larger size

Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it (though I do see one tiny spot I screwed up, oh well...this isn't for professional work, this is a blueprint). Could use a little more cleaning up, but should do fine for the artist to follow, if Mike goes with that one. Mostly, I'm just happy with it coming out fairly good, because I used to do a LOT of PS art/manip/collage work, and in recent years, I've kinda given up on it apart from icons and a few projects here and there for friends.
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