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Hobbies and Responsibilities

So, the next big content issue for CoH went live today. Needless to say, that had my attention. A new Task Force and Strike Force (similar stories, different story lines for the different sides), plus a bunch of 'quality of life' fixes. I knew I was going to want to spend my time 'in The City'...

...of course, I have things that needed to be done. Dishes, laundry, making sure Erik gets his lazy ass to work on his room/closet (time to spring clean, as it were). I'm happy to say that I managed to get all those things done as well as play both the new content runs.

Hero-side: "Return of the Reichsman" - The basic idea is solid, and the new maps look good. Problem is...you never seem to know why you are doing what you are doing. Well, no, that's not right, you know why, but not as much of the HOW. The missions go on, but they aren't explained too well, especially the temp powers you get for the end fight. What exactly are they, and why did you receive them, and how? And what do they actually do? We finished it in 1:58, and the final battle was fun, but we never did figure out if the temp powers did any good or not. Certainly, they had no obvious effect. (Played as Afterlife, because he's my badge collector.)

Villain-side: "Thus Spoke the Reichsman" - Much better explanations for what's happening and why, and a great cutscene. Added background music made it feel cinematic, good angles for the dialogue, and even comic-book-style narration. Loved it, best in the game. The basic mission structure was similar to the hero one, the final mission had it's own twist. There are some nice extra gadgets in the battle, but you had to be reading Mako's dialogue to understand what they were, and that's not always the best thing, seeing as how that can scroll by quick in battle and half the people don't read stuff anyway. Still, it was a good fight, and fun, finished in 1:48. (Played as HellJay, since I knew the caves would be hell on QT3.14 and I didn't want a front-line responsibility on my first run, which I'd have had with Mariachi Masher.)

Gonna be interesting to see if the Council and the 5th Column get into it, and where the loyalties of Requiem will lie...if they develop that. I would, for sure.

Not sure what I'm gonna do about Erik. He's just the foggiest-headed kid I know. He's not stupid, far from it, he's just a complete Zone Trooper. Mind is always elsewhere, sits around and stares at the wall for long periods of time. I suspect it's because his video game time is limited and he's waiting for it to come up, but, damn, it's frustrating seeing him spend hours just laying on the couch. He's got no answer for it, either, I tried. Anyway, we decided it was time to clean out his closet of all the crap he doesn't want/need anymore...and it's an uphill battle. I've tried to help with suggestions, we've given him deadlines, we've discussed what and why...still, he claims he's worked on it and I go to check, and I can't tell that anything has moved. He's got until Tuesday end-of-day to get it done (this is after he blew it last week, mind you, so it's ending up 4 days instead of 2), and he's going to discover that he gets no screen time until it's done tomorrow...which will be most of the day, since he's done so little. Gonna be a long summer...
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