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8 Things

I rarely do these, but I'm hot and uncomfortable, so it'll take my mind off of it for a bit. kwsapphire tagged me to post 8 true things about myself, though I won't bother tagging anyone else.

1. I've got just about the lowest score on the Purity test out of everyone I know (as far as I know, anyway). Last I checked, I believe it was 7.2%. I'm a creature of experience, I'll try anything at least once (well, three times: once for experience, once for comparison, once for scientific report). As a result, I've done a lot; doesn't mean I liked it all, but I've tried, at least.

2. I still collect Hot Wheels cars. Haven't been able to keep up with it this past year, due to financial responsibilities, but I still have them. Wish I still had all the ones I collected as a kid, as there were some seriously old ones that I snagged in various places, but those disappeared long ago. It's funny, I'm not a car guy, but I love those little metal bastards.

3. I haven't had my TV hooked up to the outside world since 2002. I don't miss it. Every now and then, a show hits that I find out, later, was pretty good, and i can find it online (usually, all at once, so that's easy, too). Beyond those few, though, I don't miss it at ALL.

4. I'd game every night of the week, if I had the chance. There was a time when I had games running 6-7 nights a week, but I was younger and had less responsibilities at the time. Besides, since it involves other people, it's harder to pull off. Still, it's my favorite form of entertainment, partly because it involves others. MMOs just can't compare, not at all.

5. I'd be nocturnal, if I could. I dislike the sun (damn UV sensitivity) and the heat. Unfortunately, if I sleep during the day, I tend to wake up with a headache. Besides, that doesn;t work so well when you're trying to have a social life, etc.

6. I hate not having a pet around. I'd own an owl, if I could, but I've been told they aren't good as pets. Too bad, it would be pretty cool. I wish I had another dog, but I don't have room for it right now. One day, though, when we get a house, that will change. Until then, it's just the cat.

7. It's been 2 1/2 years, but I still call up nythien's number from time to time, hoping she'll answer. Still dunno what happened to her, still no word. I even found someone that lives in her town and had them go by the house to try and contact her, but no dice.

8. I love having people over, I love hanging out with people and goofing off, but I hate talking on the phone, most of the time. Well, OK, be fair, I hate talking on the phone when there's nothing to talk about. IM, no problem, I'll bullshit there all day. It's just that tether that bugs me (he said, as if he wasn't glued to his computer).
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