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Friday Pix

Yessireebob, it's that time again. It's Friday, laws yes, hallelujah, can I get an 'amen'? Let us pray...with the Friday Pix!

Middle Eastern portable satellite dish? (Yes, I know it's not really attached.)

Salt 'n' Pepa!


Well, I don't think there'll be any argument as to whether the car is totaled.

I had a racy joke to put here, but this is a family show. Suffice it to say that cats will always find the least convenient place to sit.

I don't think the cart was meant to come home with you to be used.

Laugh all you want, kid; you're next.

Nice buns!

Low five...well, OK, one.

Been a while since the urinals were cleaned.

Didn't realize I was sitting in the horn section.

Wow, that's lazy.

I don't think he's seen the sign.

Has there really been such a problem with the water jug being stolen? Guess not, it's not locked.

Leafblower? Well, that's one way to do it...

Dishes of the devil! \m/ \m/

Shagging Tiger™ Jeans...when you want to look tough.

I sense some of you planning a vacation. No, I don't know where it is.

Sometimes, you just have to laugh and let things go.

Take your entertainment where you find it.

Well, time to mow the roof.

Hungry, you are? To Jedi Pizza, you must go. Daily specials, we have, and free do the kids eat!


Gimme a tent and a few rations, and I'll be wandering around here.

Further pix showed the building not only falling over but damn near rolling over.

The funny be with you (and with you also). Today's hymn is "Paid" by The Supersuckers. May the laughter bless you and keep you. 90210, 47, 23, 27, 37, scooby dooby doo, amen.

And yes, I do take tithes and donations.
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