God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Survey? Why Would You Care?

Ganked from pandoradls

4 Bad Habits You Have:
~ computer junkie
~ talk too fast
~ art left half-finished
~ obsession with feline women

4 Scents You Love:
~ jasmine
~ freshly cleaned female, right out of the bath/shower
~ nature after a rain
~ brownies

4 Things You'd Never Wear:
~ pantyhose
~ A 'Jesus is great!' t-shirt
~ bell-bottoms
~ edible underwear

4 Animals You Like:
~ tiger
~ falcon
~ dog
~ ferret

4 TV Shows You Love:
(well, considering a don't watch TV...but there have been a few)
~ Murder In Small Town X
~ Twilight Zone
~ The Outer Limits
~ Space Ghost Coast To Coast

4 bands/groups you like:
~ Concrete Blonde
~ Curve
~ John Lee Hooker
~ Infectious Grooves

4 Drinks You Regularly Drink: (aside from water)
~ Mountain Dew Code Red
~ Morgan's and Coke
~ Orange Creme Soda
~ Milk

4 Ice Cream Flavors You Love:
~ Rocky Road
~ Chocolate
~ Vanilla
~ hell, I dunno...I guess I'm a purist...or picky...

4 Random Facts About Yourself:
~ I'm obsessive about cutting my toenails
~ I'm not as 'strong' as people think...and much stronger than people expect
~ I'm much more boring than people think
~ I dropped out of college 3 times, and changed my major twice

4 Random Facts About Your Family:
~ We're related to Charlemagne, William the Conquerer, John Witherspoon (signer of the Declaration of Independence), William Bradford (came over on the Mayflower), two signers of the Magna Carta, and plenty of others (my Grandmother is a geneaology buff)
~ We span the country (from Florida to Washington state)
~ I've never met my true biological paternal grandparents
~ Previous to a burglary, my maternal grandfather owned a ceremonial Japanese officer's sword, which he took as a trophy in WWII

4 Wesites You Recommend: (Go. Visit. Now.)
~ Adventures Of Life
~ Industorious Clock
~ Cruel Site of the Day
~ Origami Underground

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