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Weekend Wrap-Up

Been a slow week, in a lot of ways. Di's surgery went fine, and each day there's been less and less pain (to clarify, the pain from the carpal tunnel is gone, it's just the soreness of the healing). It does mean I've been doing a lot more driving then usual, which in and of itself isn't too bad, but it has been playing merry Hell with my bad shoulders. Oh well.

Friday: well, last session's CoC game was pretty vicious. Half the party died, and the part that is left includes none of the original characters who agreed to the mission. Needless to say, this would make bringing in new characters a little difficult, and even those remaining have a lot less incentive to try and complete the agenda. in the end, we've decided to have the remaining characters try to see how far they can go, and basically let them go out in a blaze of eldritch glory.

However, one of those remaining was sick this week, so we opted to just drop the game for the night. In the end, daemonwise and matrixleap came over and watched Zombie Strippers! and Undead or Alive. Good times.

Saturday: The original plan was to head over to matrixleap's place for a long afternoon of zombie gaming, followed by seeing The Exorcist at The Baghdad. Lounged in the backyard with matrixleap, herince_emyn, her brother Ben, and Dianna, while no-LJ-Jasso ran a game of All Flesh Must Be Eaten. The day passed as we staved off an attack of the undead in a small mountain town (which was, of course, the result of badly-secured corporate testing!) and had a blast. However, Di's hand was getting to her, so we bowed out of the movie (too bad, seeing it on the big screen would have been nifty) and just relaxed at home.

Sunday: No plans for today. This turned out to be a good thing. got in some good CoH gaming in the morning, and then all Hell broke loose. The kidney stone that refuses to exit my body starting fucking with me pretty badly, and I spent a while laying in my bed, in the dark, feeling like I wanted to piss, shit, and puke all that same time...and failing on all counts. I tried to just tough it out, but gave up and took one of Di's oxycodone. Wouldn't you know it, about ten minutes after that, it started to ease up...so i guess the pain meds were for nothing. Well, whatever. Christ, i cannot WAIT for this to be over, this has sucked so bad on so many levels. Anyway, I'm in no mood to stand around and cook, so I've declared that dinner will be something a lot easier than the chicken bruschetta I had planned.
School starts Wednesday (which seems awfully dumb, seeing as they then have the Monday afterward off for Labor Day. 3 days and then a 3-day weekend? Why bother?), and we had planned to go back to the 'school schedule' as far as where Erik was during the week. We had changed near the end of last school year because his grades were abysmal, and it helped a lot to have him here more during the week, to keep an eye on him. Everyone agreed, even his teachers, so it seemed the logical thing to do. However, as we started to talk about when to change, Erik's Dad decided that he didn't think it actually helped and would not agree.

I hate that mongoloid pus-bucket.

Anyway, we asked why the change, and he simply refused to respond (this was over e-mail...he's such a passive-aggressive asshole, he won't actually have a discussion). Luckily, even Erik agreed that it helped, and in an unprecedented show of standing up for himself, went and told his Dad he wanted to make the change. Erik is so non-confrontational that it hurts; it drives me completely bugshit how little he's willing to bring up things, or speak up for himself, or defend his desires, so this was a pretty bold move. Plus, whether I like it or not (and believe me, I don't), he's always been close to his Dad, so it's even harder for him to stand up to his Dad than to almost anyone else (except maybe me)..so this was downright HUGE.

Apparently, Ass-Clown's only reason for saying no, in the end, was that he claimed he'd not see Erik as much and didn't want that. Now, in anyone else I might believe that but, as it stands, he's not exactly Mr. Interactive now. Plus, the days changed but the time does not, it's still split pretty much evenly, and we even gave them all the days that Erik is off from school (which means they technically have him MORE). Also, this is a far cry from his original claim that he didn't think it made a difference last year, which is amusing since we saw the difference, Erik saw a difference, his teachers commented on the difference...and Ass-Clown even said that he saw a difference (at the time). The funniest part, though, is that when Erik went and told his Dad that he wanted to switch to this other schedule, his Dad countered with "why do you want to switch so bad?" Erik's response was "It's just better"...and his Dad walked away without a word. What a guy. Anyway, in the end, we ARE switching, and that will be a damn good thing.

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